Uganda Day


Now that the cousins are gone we don’t feel guilty about tearing our kids away from playing to teach them about the wider world, so we had Uganda day (decided by Joshua–largely due to his aesthetic preference for its flag). We through together ugali, the staple of East Africa. It’s surprisingly simple: corn flour and boiling water. I’m always surprised when I run across a staple item that’s actually quite time intensive and technical (for me at least–e.g. tortillas, yogurts, cheeses), but this is an authentically simple dish–furthermore, my kids liked it so we may have discovered a quick and easy recipe for many future dinners.

For our movie we watched Queen of Katwe, a delightful children’s movie about a chess champion that came out of Uganda. Well, I had to go to work, but I’ve heard it’s a delightful movie. The next morning Simeon kept on insisting that I play him in chess, so it must have had an effect; unfortunately, Simeon likes playing “Calvinball” chess where you’re never quite sure what the rules are, and the intent seems to be ostentatiously killing pieces more than anything.



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