Iran Day

We’ve managed one country day since we arrived in Utah. Iran day was a little difficult to pull off since we had a lot of distracting cousins nearby that couldn’t care less, but I managed to try to cook a Jujeh Kabab, but it ended up being a standard Shish Kebab with marinated chicken. We tried to use an authentic Iranian recipe, but it kind of fell apart once I realized that lemon juice wasn’t a “close enough” substitute for lime juice, so maybe not authentic, but still yummy.


For our movie night, the kids and Rachel watched Children of Heaven. I couldn’t make it, unfortunately, but the movie is on the list. Unlike most other countries, Iran is not one of those countries where you have to scratch the bottom of the barrel to find a decent movie, as they have a well developed cinematic tradition that tackles the bigger and deeper issues (so no super hero movies, thank heavens); one of my favorite films of all time is Color of Paradise.


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