Country Day: Spain


Our local cousins wanted to join us for country day this week, and since their mom went to Spain for a study abroad we did Spain. Aunt made an attempt at “healthy paella” (vegetarian, with brown rice), which is no Paella at all, but as its own thing it was pretty good (see picture above). We brought the Spanish salad (as many tomatoes as lettuce, olive oil and salt for the flavoring, two kinds of olives), two loaves of uncut bread that you tear pieces off of, European-style, and some flan from the local supermarket. Suffice it to say, even the Americanized version we bought with extra carmel and sugar wasn’t to the children’s taste, and our cousins now have some leftover flan that they don’t know what to do with. To top it all off, we watched a few minutes of The Time In Between, a Spanish TV series about Civil War-era Spain; it’s more exhausting than we realized to have to continually read the subtitles to the pre-literate ones.


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